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How to seal the two-pointed shaped ampoule (oral hyaluronic acid)

Time: 2020-08-19 Hits: 230

How to seal the two-pointed shaped ampoule ? Usually,the normal ampoules can stand upright on the table but it’s impossible for the two-pointed shaped ampoule. It’s hard to filling liquid into the two-pointed shaped ampoule. The manual sealing machine RF-1 is inappropriate in this situation, which requires us to develop a new automatic rotate ampoule sealing machine for the two-pointed shaped ampoule.

Two-pointed shaped ampoules are widely used in the beauty industry,for example: oral hyaluronic acid. Since it cannot stand upright, a hollow nest cover is necessary according to its special shape to allow it to stand. What’s more, we have added the function of rotating the two-pointed ampoule.When it turns to seal, the bottleneck is heated evenly, and the sealing effect is better. It is safe without using the fully automatic equipment.

In March 2019, a domestic customer found us and asked if we can provide a special ampoule sealing machine which can seal the two-pointed shaped ampoule. Combining experience with practical operations, we have modified and upgraded the RF-1 manual ampoule sealing machine. Finally we have developed the GBS-1 semi-automatic rotary ampoule sealing machine, whether it is a two-pointed shaped bottle or a standard ampoule bottle, can be inserted into the ampoule nest mould. In the future, the efficiency of the seal and the beauty of the seal must be the basic requirements, and convenience、safety and humanized design must be the trend.