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GBS-1 Semi-automatic rotary ampoule sealing machine

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The GBS-1 semi-automatic rotary ampoule sealing machine can be rotated when the ampoule glass bottle is sealed, so that all parts of the bottleneck are heated evenly, reducing the resistance when pulling the waste head, and making the sealing effect more artistic.

The GBS-1 semi-automatic rotary ampoule sealing machine is inspired by the AGL series automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine which were taken some functions for reference. To make the GBS-1 semi-automatic desktop ampoule sealing machine also achieve to convenient operations, the sealing effect is close to the sealing effect of automatic equipment.

After selling large quantity of RF-1 small manual ampoule sealing machines, we have to admit that the previous ampoule sealing machine is still tasteless,neither meet the demands of the clients nor  small batch production or experimental use.In the past, a stainless steel bottle holder used to directly hold the ampoule glass bottle and rotate it on the stainless steel plate with the uneven speed and the hands trembling. In this situation if you use a 1-2ml ampoule, you can’t hold it and rotate the bottle. It's slippery, and your hand is too close to the flame. It is easy to burn your hands when you are nervous. The hand holding the tweezers to remove the waste head also tremble. Do you believe in this status it can seal the bottles beautiful?

According to this defect, we have improved on the original basis. Through a sliding rail, automatic (passive) rotation of the bottle is realized. A driving gear and a driven gear are engaged with each other and rotate together with the bottle. When it stops, the bottle does not rotate, which is convenient to take out the bottle. This method is a good solution. The speed of the rotating bottle is adjustable, the fire power is adjustable, both the speed and fire power can be matched to seal the bottle in a short time. Because the speed of the bottle is uniform, so that the top part of the bottle is evenly heated, which can achieve a very beautiful sealing effect. At present, ourGBS-1 semi-automatic rotary ampoule sealing machine (gas burning) and our OHYH-200A Semi-automatic rotary oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine both adopt the form of automatic rotate bottle. In the future, if it is not required by the market, we will reduce the production capacity of the RF-1 Desktop lab glass bottle ampoule sealing machine,making laboratory ampoule bottle sealing more convenient、more efficient and more beautiful.